One of the many views in nature from the retreat

One of the many things that can help enhance my mental health is creating. It is doing a passion project like this blog. It is playing the cello.

Creativity is healing. …..

It is one of the many aspects that can help our intellectual health, which in turn gives a boost to our overall mental health and wellbeing. Though recently I hit a creative block. I wasn’t able to work out why this block came about and many of my “go to’s” were not working. Then, as the universe saw fit, I had the opportunity to say yes to a connecting with creativity retreat that was held over a weekend in Nashville. I got to be around a beautiful community of like minded people who were all looking to tap into their creativity. The retreat gave me the opportunity to do a deep dive into my blocks and learn about how I can overcome them. It also led to me asking more questions than I answered.

Being able to sit in nature (and at times soak in the rain), gave me the opportunity to ponder……. I wrote the following whilst sitting in a rocking chair, watching the rain and the squirrels. Even though it isn’t the end of my block, it is a start that I have been able to put pen to paper again.

What have I learnt over the past weekend? 

That no matter what, you cannot force your creativity. It will come when the time is right. The more that you try to force something, the harder it becomes to actually do it. If this happens, then this enforcement can lead us to no longer loving the project or outlet that we are so passionate about. 

Let the flow come to you………. 

Do things that you enjoy, things that make you smile, and then the passion may have a chance to flow back through you……… 

Keep an open heart and an open mind and never be too hard on yourself……… 

When we give ourselves time to be, that is when we are able to tap into what may be needed to create………..

Sometimes we put way too much pressure on ourselves. Why do we do that? What is forcing us to be perfect all the time? Is it societal pressures that we are succumbing to OR, is it just us forcing the pressure on ourselves? 

We can be our own worst enemy. We ARE our own worst enemy. We need to release the shackles of the pressure that we put on ourselves so that we can be free. For creativity is healing.

There was also a fantastic mantra that was used that fits perfectly to releasing those self imposed shackles and one that I will take forward with me…….. 

I am powerful and I am complete.

One thought on “Pondering

  1. Hi Catherine,
    I read your words and the image was stunning! I felt calmer just by reading your reflections! Something in the voice, in the writing.
    What an amazing time you are having! A leap of faith leaving these shores and into stunning landscapes. The people you meet along the way, too; you will never forget. I always enjoy your ruminations as they trigger my own thoughts and start me ruminating too! I did something similar many years ago. I’ll tell you about it sometime.
    It was very good to see you again recently, under very sad circumstances, but you have plunged back into this amazing journey of self discovery but generously sharing it with others. I think you have become a luminary! Continue on and I hope this immersion is fulfilling and deeply satisfying. Don’t waste a minute!



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