Introducing You Matter Too

You Matter Too is an online space that has been developed to help enhance mental health and build resilience. There are many spaces that focus on what society know as mental health issues or illnesses (depression, anxiety, personality disorders etc) but I wanted to create a place where people could develop their knowledge and understanding around a holistic view of mental health, that it is something we can work on like we would do our physical health.

Each month there will be an update focusing on enhancing our mental health and building resilience. It will look at an educative, strength-based approach to this and will cover areas such as:

  • understanding mental health
  • gratitude
  • mindfulness
  • belonging
  • meaning & purpose
  • support networks
  • impact of social media

You Matter Too also has an Instagram account that will supplement the information within this blog and provide snippets around benefits and daily practices to help in enhancing our mental health.

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